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Possessed (2009)

( High Quality )

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streaming movie online – Possessed (2009)

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When 13-year-old So-Jin disappears, her elder sister Hee-Jin returns to the apartment of their religious-maniac mother. Tae-Hwan, a cop, who reluctantly has to take the case seriously is confronted with more and more suicides that are difficult to explain rationally. And why does the skeptical Hee-Jin, who keeps having gruesome encounters with suicides, have to keep coughing?
Lee Yong-ju, Yong-Joo Lee
Bo-yeon Kim, Chang-jik Lee, Hie-kyung Moon, Young-nam Jang
30 Aug 2018 (South Korea)

Possessed (2009)

Release: 30 Aug 2018

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Director: Lee Yong-ju

Cast: Bo-yeon Kim, Chang-jik Lee, Hie-kyung Moon, Young-nam Jang

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